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Jared's 30th Birthday

Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Jared L. Thomas' 30th birthday? Check out his Amazon Wishlist! From a new laptop for his business to support for his non-profit, every contribution will help him achieve his goals and realize his vision. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will make his birthday even more special, so head over to the Amazon Registry now to see how you can contribute.

Make a difference in Jared L. Thomas' journey to success by supporting his Amazon Wishlist! Help him achieve his goals and support his non-profit by contributing to specific items on his list. Check it out now and show your support for this passionate entrepreneur.

Amazon Wishlist:


Hello, my name is Jared L. Thomas, and I'm turning 30 on April 3rd. To celebrate this milestone, I've created a Buy Me A Coffee page to offer my friends, family, and supporters a new way of giving me meaningful gifts.

About Me

As the founder of Afterimage Revolution, a web design, and social media management company, I'm passionate about helping businesses succeed online. My analytical and creative skills have allowed me to deliver high-quality work that exceeds expectations, especially in this Brave New Digital World.

When I'm not working, I enjoy exploring the real world through the lenses of philosophy, history, science, and above all a biblically driven worldview. These pursuits have inspired me to approach challenges with curiosity and an open mind. I also love science fiction shows like Doctor Who and Star Trek, which allow me to delve into exciting new worlds and ideas.

As I embark on my 30s, I'm looking forward to new challenges and opportunities. I'm grateful for the support of my loved ones and the chance to connect with new friends through this Buy Me A Coffee page. Thank you for considering supporting me on my journey. Your generosity and encouragement mean the world to me.

Wish List

If you're interested in contributing directly to my big goals, you can check out the Wishlist section of my page.

There you'll find specific items that will help me achieve my dreams, such as a new laptop for my business, funding for my master's degree, and support for my non-profit. Your contribution to these items will go a long way in helping me take steps towards realizing my vision, and I appreciate any support you're able to offer. Thank you for considering this option and being a part of my journey.

Amazon Wishlist

In addition to Buy Me A Coffee, you can also send me a gift from my Amazon Registry I've curated a list of items that would make my birthday even more special. If you prefer to give a physical gift or simply want to browse my wish list, you can find it on AmazonYour generosity and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated, and I look forward to seeing what surprises you have in store for me!

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